Our projects

Currently, we are developing a project application as part of
  cooperation with the Civitas Foundation. The project is aimed at
 substantial support for refugees and assistance in adapting to new
 living conditions (ILN, Active Citizens Found).


 The technological advancement of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) offers a chance for
 development that has not happened in our history, but also carries
 threats that humanity has not yet dealt with. To ensure that
    technological progress will be human centric and we implement Industry
 5.0 (I5.0).

We offer a Predictive Manager (PM). Why do we focus on managers? They are a key element of the workforce for the implementation of I5.0.

Our ambition is to propose a solution that will be a
 collaborative outcome of academics and practitioners, enriched with practical, effective tools for managers, with a clear path of
 educational ways of developing it. It will research the knowledge and
    experience, embed it in one methodology, and test it in a business environment.

PM increases the value of a company in the financial,
 environmental, and social dimensions. An empathetic manager is able to
 create a space of growth for employees and build a co-creation system for the benefit of business owners, employees, customers and the planet.

Such managers will be partners contributing to the human centric, sustainable and resilient economy of the EU.
 Status: application
    Leader of Dissemination & Communication


Deploy the concept of Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (I-US) on a real scale
 demonstrator, making the flow of solid waste circular in process, manufacturing and/or construction

Reduce 80 % (in weight or volume) solid waste generated in
 comparison to current state-of-the-art, by re-using, valorising and transforming waste, by-products and side-streams into new/secondary
 resources of raw materials;

Develop knowledge sharing: know-how,
 advantages, challenges and recommendations on technological and non-technological aspects (e.g. job profile optimisation) with the European Community of Practice (ECoP) and other relevant bodies,
 disseminating the major innovation outcomes to support the
 implementation of I-US Status: application
 Leader of Dissemination & Communication


The main objective of CarFuelsBio project is to investigate the viability of implementing the biomass raw material (the mixture of lignin and cellulose) from agricultural sources (forestall mainly) in order to obtain valuable products which will gain the application in the

For this purpose, the biomass will be treated to upgrade and then perform to bio-fuel and then processed in the refinery after pre-treatment.
 Status: application Leader of Dissemination & Communication

We also have several innovative initiatives at the stage of proposal for cooperation:

  1. Future self energy-saving house model- model not only saving Energy through the newest technology development in the area of fotovoltaics but also new ises whow to bring more out of it
  2. House model for start and development- philiosophy of builiding one house which can change during the time and needs of the owners are changing during its lifecycle
  3. Rescue container project- differnet sizes conteiners solution even one which can be put on the pallet size and send to areas needed suport bringing all possible technologies to the solution to bring totally independent source of survival container
  4. Mobile and efficient power supply bringing all achievable technolgies into one solution
  5. Small swimming object solution for private or business use with use of the newest technology advancements